In an unsurprising conclusion, Barcelona secures the La Liga title after beating Atletico Madrid 1-0 in their second to the last season game.

Lionel Messi once again became the Barcas’ go-to-guy when it comes to scoring, with the forward adeptly skirted past the tough defense that was laid out by Colchoneroa to fire the ball into the net in the 65th minute. However, goalkeeper Claudio Bravo also proved to be another hero for the team, with him tenaciously guarding his spot against Atletico’s advances.

The home team tried to break into Barcelona’s defences, with centre-back Jose Gimenez firing a header down the field, but Bravo managed to block it. From there, Atletico relentlessly pursued a goal for much of the first half. The Mattress Makers got another opening near the 30 minute mark, but Gabi’s shot ended up wide.

Come the second half of the match, Barcelona finally went full fgorce in an offensive of their own, after building up small plays in the first. Messi’s moment finally came near the middle, with him doing a one-two combination with winger Pedro to bring the ball to the front of the goal, before finishing off with a close range shot.

Neymar tried to double his side’s lead, but he fired a cross from Andres Iniesta to wide. The Brazilian got another opportunity on the goal, but he again failed to convert on a pass coming from Messi.

Atletico also tried to press for a an equaliser, but time was running out for them.

After the match, Barca coach Luis Enrique celebrated the victory and went on to praise his players, saying that it was a nice opportunity for them to be able to win the title against a tough opponent. However, he also admitted that he was hoping to play the title-winning match against his team’s long time rival Real Madrid.

“Real Madrid were at a great level, which makes winning this even more satisfying,” Enrique candidly said.

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