With the Champions League quarterfinals underway, Barcelona took yet another step in their title bid, as they fend off Paris Saint Germain 3-1 on Wednesday.

Neymar provided the first goal for the Barcas in the 18th minute of the match, with help coming from Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi. However, the team had to wait for the second half for the two additional goals to come in, both courtesy of striker Luis Suarez.

Suarez’ first goal came during the middle of the second half when he broke free of the defences laid out by David Luiz, Marquinos, and Maxwell Andrade and challenged goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu. The striker’s third goal came in the 79th minute of the match with a clever nutmeg on the hapless Luiz.

“I had to do the two nutmegs, because it was the only option I had. A nice move came off, and the ball went in,” Suarez said of the impressive plays that he pulled off. “Forwards are always trying to look for goals, and two good moves came off for me.”

The 28-year old added that he has the Barecas’ effective frontline to thank for his goals. “We three forwards can play in any of the three positions, so we can switch around. Leo also comes into the centre and space opens. That is why the goal came from the right wing.”

However, Suarez was cautious to say how their win would affect their next match. “In football you never know what can happen. They have a lot of quality and we must be aware that this is not over yet. It will be a nice game.”

For their part, PSG didn’t go home empty handed, after Gregory Van der Wiel managed to put back a shot blocked by Jordi Alba.

The second leg of the match is set to be played on Tuesday.

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