Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid are set to suffer from FIFA punishment measures after committing similar irregularities in signing new youth players. According to information from Spain reporters, both Madrid teams will be facing one year transfer ban imposed to them by FIFA officials.

The two clubs will Join Barcelona who faced similar ban until January 2016 when they will be allowed to sign new players. According to FIFA rules and regulations, international youth transfer is only applicable under three conditions where; the parents of the player have moved to a certain country for their own reasons, the players home is within 50 kilometers from the border of the country in question or if the move takes place when a player is aged between 16 and 18 years and within the European Union.

Atletico Madrid are the worst violators of this regulation with more than 43 non Spanish players in their youth academy. These players are from more than 26 different countries with some of them coming from Asian countries.

Prior to Barcelona’s one year transfer ban, the club was found with a number of violations related to youth signing that prompted lengthy investigations by FIFA. The decision to ban the club was upheld by Arbitration court for sport.

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