After his team won over Monaco 2-0 in Tuesday’s game, but failed to secure a quarterfinals slot, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admitted that they fell short of their goal. Wenger also said that they could have had a better chance if only they had done better in the first leg.

“Football is not a fairy tale,” Wenger lamented.  “It is a matter of being realistic and being clinical, maybe a bit lucky as well, maybe that is part of the game. If you go out after the group stages, you have no chances after to play again, like you do in the Europa League.”

Arsenal managed to snatch a dramatic 2-0 victory against Monaco in the second leg of their Last-of-16 match. However, as the Gunners lost their first leg match 3-1, the result brought them to a 3-3, which left them a point shy of advancing to the quarterfinals.

Wenger said that the team is still very optimistic despite the outcome of their campaign this season. “We are very disappointed to have gone out tonight, but overall we are on a positive trend. This game was on line with what we did recently.”

However, the Arsenal head admitted that the outcome could have been different had they performed better during the first leg. “We produced the performance we wanted and overall at half-time, the game should have been over,” he said in the interview with Sky Sports. “We had five clear cut chances and I think as well we were unlucky with some refereeing decisions in the first half.”

“I felt that some players were a bit jaded offensively because we have given a lot on Saturday and in the second half lacked a bit of freshness to finish the game off,” Wenger said of how the first leg affected their performance in the second leg.

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