Just a few hours after Arsenal team manager Arsene Wenger said that their squad needs to give it all that they got in order to win against Monaco, the Gunners managed to snatch that win against the heavily favored Reds. However, the victory came short of letting Arsenal advance to the quarterfinals.

Arsenal won the match 2-0. but, as this only led to a 3-3 aggregate draw for their leg, the Gunners bow out of the competition in favor of the Reds, who leads them by a single point in the overall rankings.

“The statistics are against us. The result in the first leg is against us. We are conscious about that,” Wenger said in an interview on Sunday. “But no matter how big the percentage is, we have to give absolutely everything to make the stats lie — that is our desire and belief that we can do it.”

The Gunners owed much of their rally to skipper Olivier Giroud, whom Wenger said would be a crucial part for their effort in the match. Giroud rallied the team 13 minutes after a slow start, as he tried to pry open Monaco’s defence. The Frenchman finally landed the team’s first goal at the 36th minute mark. Arsenal’s second goal would come in 11 minutes from stoppage time, courtesy of Aaron Ramsay.

However, the Monaco defence proved to be tough to break, as the Reds sought to prevent the Gunners from getting that additional point they needed to advance to the quarter finals. A late attempt by forward Alexis Sanchez to give Arsenal the all imported goal was foiled by Monaco goalkeeper Danijel Subasic to secure the Reds’ position. Monaco didn’t need to score points in the match in order to advance.

After the final buzzer, the Monaco bench erupted in celebration, as the team finally reached the quarterfinals for the first time since 2003-04.

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