With the current football season nearing its close, Premier League team Arsenal seems to bent on building their ranks further, as the Gunners are said to be eyeing young forward Maxi Romero.

According to  Raul Gamez, president of Argentinean club Velez Sanfield, Arsenal has approached him for a possible contract for the young Romero. “They have made an offer for Maxi Romero,” Gamez divulged. When asked to reveal additional details, he declined. “I don’t want to talk figures just yet, but it’s a big offer.”

However, several news reports have reports revealed that the Gunners have offered a £4.5 million contract to the 16-year old. Romero’s agent Rolando Zarate confirmed the reports. “I went to London to talk about Arsenal’s offer, and then took it back to Raul Gamez,” he said.

“I met with Arsene Wenger twice in London. They heard about Maxi through their scouts in South America. He is the player who has most impressed him.”

As Romero is still only 16 years old, the two parties had to first resolve rights ownership issues of the player. “Arsenal agreed to our main terms: that the player remains at Velez for two more years,” Zarate detailed. “Maxi is going to complete his apprenticeship at a great club like Velez.”

Arsenal is said to have decided to grab Romero early to avoid any other squad from making offers to the young player. And while it will take years before he actually suits up for the team, analysts say that this is one of the biggest player acquisition moves that the Gunners have taken this season.

While Romero has yet to debut with Velez, the young striker has already been touted as one of the best players of his generation. He has also been hailed as “the next Lionel Messi” by the Argentinean sports media, mainly due to his playing style. The young footballer is also said to have similarities with Manchester United striker Radamel Falcao.

“Maxi has huge potential,” Zarate said.

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