A rapid victory for arsenal against Aston villa as Wenger claims he never wanted to give the German star, Ozil a rest

Arsenal had their victory in style after thumping their host Aston villa 3 goals to nil in just three minutes. Before the match, Mesut Ozil was under pressure following some critics due to his unimpressive performance in the midweek in Dortmund.

He however, kept his critics at bay after the half time when he made his first shot on target behind Villa’s goalkeeper, Brad Guzan following a clean pass from Danny Welbeck and only left with senderos to beat. About 79 seconds after the first goal, Danny Welbeck made it 2-0 after he got a fine cross from Ozil and managed to get the ball behind the net past Brad Guzan. A minute later, Aly Cissokho tapped the ball while under pressure from Chamberlain to make it an own goal reflecting to the score sheet at 3-0 in just three minutes.

Mesut Ozil played his role as number 10 perfectly and Villas defense which has been the strongest this season were unable to stop him. Lambart was the most disappointed man since in the first half, the game seemed to be on their favour just to get a shocking loss at their park after the half mark.

Earlier before the game, Arsene Wenger, arsenals manager had dismissed rumors that he was planning to rest the German midfielder following some criticisms concerning his poor performance. Wenger said he had faith in Ozil and he was eager to show arsenal fanatics why he signed the 42.4 million pounds for him.

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