While the team is currently on top- of the standings in the Premier League, Chelsea head Jose Mourinho says that they can’t rest just yet. He also says that third seated Arsenal is still very much in the running for the title.

“I keep thinking whether our opposition is better than them [over the run-in], but I think so. I think more teams are in the race,” Mourinho said in an interview by ESPN.

Arsenal currently trails second placer Manchester City by only a single point, owing to their 3-0 victory over West Ham last Saturday, which also earned them their fourth consecutive win. On the other hand, Manchester suffered a major loss 1-0 against Burnley on Saturday, putting them in their current predicament.

Chelsea retained its top position with six points thanks to the 1-1 draw they got in their match against Southampton last Sunday.

However, when asked whether Arsenal is showing greater momentum, Mourinho dismissed the notion. “Not for me. Which momentum — 3-1 against Monaco or 3-0 against West Ham? It depends on the momentum,” he quipped. He added that Arsenal is currently on a good standing mainly because they had an easier run-in compared to the two leading teams.

Mourinho also once again made clear his concerns regarding the officiating of their matches. In particular, he took note of their match against Southampton.

“It is not easy, every match is difficult, and in our two matches against Southampton, in one there was penalty that is not a penalty and in another game a penalty that was not given, so you are speaking about six points becoming two points, so the danger is always here, but I keep saying: we are there,” Mourinho lamented.

The Chelsea boss said that, because of those situations, which led to loss of crucial points, his team needs to work harder to ensure their hold on the lead.

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