After Arsenal’s 2-0 victory over Monaco last Tuesday failed to net them a slot in the quarterfinal, the Gunners now face another battle, this time off the court, as media outfits began to tear into the result of their campaign.

As a lot of praise was made by several British newspapers for Arsenal’s efforts against Monaco, with “all guns blazing”, they also threw plenty of criticisms for their performance in the first leg, which cost the team the shot for a quarterfinals slot.

According to The Daily Mail’s Martin Samuel, the Gunners played a very pragmatic game, which he says was impressive. However, “that third away goal at the Emirates Stadium was the killer. It was the one Wenger’s players could not match.”

Telegraph Sports’ Jason Burt echoed the sentiment. Burt further said that it was Olivier Giroud’s misses in the two legs that have greatly cost the team. “After Ramsey’s goal Arsenal needed just one more. The opportunity fell to Giroud. He could not, quite, take it, even if he did well to hit the target. Good, but not good enough. It summed up Arsenal.,” Burt wrote in his article.

On the other hand, Mark Irwin of The Sun argued that Mesut Ozil was lacking in energy during the match.  “Ozil wasn’t terrible by any means. He was just average when Arsenal needed extraordinary,” Irwin noted.

However, while Monaco did manage to secure a slot for the quarterfinals, it itself was not able to escape media scrutiny for its performance.

Paris-based newspaper L’Equipe noted how the squad’s playing was unbearable., but still managed to see them through. “The explosion of joy at the Stade Louis II at the final whistle, when the home players had not been able to make a pass properly for quite a while, showed how hard the evening had been,” opined the newspaper’s Regis Testelin.

Le Parisien was a bit more harsh, calling the Reds’ game as the team “suffering for 90 minutes,

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