Fernando Cavenaghi, the Argentine striker aimed to move to Premier League. But, he changed his opinion and  now target to move to Major League Soccer in the United States.

Fernando Cavenaghi is playing for River Plate, and his contract will be ended in the upcoming summer. He considered targeting Premier League move just a few days ago. But, Paladar Millonario, an argentine outlet has reported that the experienced striker is looking to move to the MLS, one of the fastest growing soccer league in the world.

The 31-year-old striker did not get enough chances in the Argentina national team. He had played only 4 international games for his national side. River Plate is his childhood club where he started his career in 2001.

By scoring 55 goals for the club in four seasons, he moved to Spartak Moscow and made another move to Bordeaux on a four year contract in 2007.

He led the club to win the Ligue 1 title in 2008-09 seasons and joined River Plate for the second time.

He joined River Plate on a third spell of his career last year. However, this would be his last turn to the club because he is already 31. Being a popular figure of the team, he is the leading man and he is now considering another move for a challenge.

He draws the attention of the Premier League clubs like Sunderland and Tottenham Hotspur and aimed to finish his career in the Premier League. But, Fernando Cavenaghi would like to join MLS for any club.

However, Fernando Cavenaghi has not linked with any club of the MLS yet. But, many clubs will seek for the experienced striker because he is a good striker, leading man and would be a key designated player for any club.

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