As preparations for the various international competitions continue, Argentina might end up losing Lionel Messi for a few games, as concerns for his health continues to grow. This transpired after the Barcelona star missed the national team’s training session last Thursday.

According to the Argentinean Football Association (AFA), the forward missed the team’s training session on Thursday, which left doubts on whether he would be fit for Saturday’s friendly match against the United States. “He stayed at the hotel and worked separately in a gym,” the team said through its official Twitter account.

One of the reasons for concern cited by the AFA was the injury that Messi supposedly received during one of Barcelona’s Clasico matches. Examinations made by the national team’s doctor found no indication of a major injury, and that he was fit to play in the team’s matches against El Salvador and Ecuador.

Messi proved to be outstanding this season, helping Barcelona secure a spot in ther Champions League quarterfinals. He was also instrumental in the team’s La Liga success, helping it get a four point lead over rival Real Madrid, as well as getting them to the Copa del Ray finals.

He also received praise coming from other players, most recently from Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart, whose team Barca bested in this year’s Champions League round of 16.

In other news, Messi was very delighted for the warm welcome that he had received from fans during the Argentinean team’s arrival in the United States this week for their match. The football star excitedly greeted and interacted with the fans who trooped to Georgetown University in Washington DC, where the team did their training sessions.

Athletes from different sports also got the chance to interact with each other as the Argentinean star and his team made headway during an Indiana Pacers game on Wednesday.

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