With his team in intense preparation for the several competitions that they are currently participating on, Real Madrid’s Alvaro Arbeloa talks about several issues, including the possibility of former manager Jose Mourinho returning to the Whites and the imminent arrival of Danilo to the team.

“It is very unlikely I will play for Mourinho again,” Arbeloa said of the possibility of joining the manager at Chelsea, where Mourinho now works. “Although of course there is a chance he will return to coach Real Madrid,” he stressed.

The door is not closed at Madrid for any coach in the world. Mourinho is a great coach, but you would have to ask him.”

However, Arbeloa said that his former boss is doing well with the Blues. “He’s happy and content in London because his family are happy and there isn’t the persecution he and his kid got here.

The 32–year old full back then went on to say that Mourinho’s conflicts with some of the players during his time with Real Madrid was overblown by the media, including the much publicized dispute with team captain Iker Casillas.

“Many times people say he ended up badly with players, but he still got on well with lots of people when he left — [Luka] Modric, [Raphael] Varane, Diego [Lopez], Xabi [Alonso]… there were more players he left on good terms with than bad,” Arbeloa stressed.

Mourinho left Real Madrid in 2013 after failing to get tghe trophy in his final season, and with the rumors of him falling out with several players hot on his tail.

Arbeloa also talked about the entry of right back Danilo into the team in the next season. The full back stressed that he is not threatened by this in any way.

“The signing of Danilo is great news for Real Madrid. He is a very good player — half of Europe was interested in him,” he said. “I came here knowing the best players in the world are here. I have no doubts that the best players will keep arriving.”

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