There were doubts on when 2022 world cup should take place at Qatar, but Hassan Al Thawadi, the head of the tournament claims that winter should be ideal.

However, FIFA had a contradicting decision claiming that holding the tournament during the summer would be better. Some officials insisted that the summer in Qatar is normally hot and will be unfavorable to some players and visiting fans.

Qatar is also under a risk of losing the chance to host the tournament after corruption accusations concerning the tournament. FIFA officials are carrying out some investigations concerning the issue and results are expected in the near future. Thawadi however believes the tournament cannot be taken away from them.

The tournament head claims that any attempts to take away the chance from the country will be negatively received by the region considering that it is the first world cup to be held in Qatar and around Middle East.

The European club association had suggested a tournament between April and May, but Thawadi claims that the period is close to Ramadan fasting which would interfere with the tournament.

Michael Platini, UEFA president propose a January February tournament, while Sepp Blatter, FIFA president suggests a tournament between November and December to avoid any clash with winter Olympics.

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