Soccer Agility Ladder

SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder, Elevation Ladder
AGILITY LADDER Bundle By Trained 6 Sports Cones , Free Speed Chute, Agility Drills eBook and Carry Case
Endurance Pro Footwork Ladder with Ladder Drills eBook Bag Pegs-Ideal Agility Ladder Speed and Agility Training Equipment for Football, Soccer, Multi-Sport Training
Ohuhu Agility Ladder with Black Carry Case, 12-Rung Blue
Pepup Sports Super Flat 8 Rungs Adjustable Speed Agility Ladder with Free Carry Bag, 11'
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SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder, Elevation Ladder
AGILITY LADDER Bundle By Trained 6 Sports Cones , Free Speed Chute, Agility Drills eBook and Carry Case
Endurance Pro Footwork Ladder with Ladder Drills eBook Bag Pegs-Ideal Agility Ladder Speed and Agility Training Equipment for Football, Soccer, Multi-Sport Training
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Ohuhu Agility Ladder with Black Carry Case, 12-Rung Blue
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Pepup Sports Super Flat 8 Rungs Adjustable Speed Agility Ladder with Free Carry Bag, 11'
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One trait that qualifies one to be the best sportsperson is agility. Agility is the ability of a person to quickly change from one position to the other while still controlling and balancing the body in the motion. 

Agility performance is taught to people who are involved in vigorous sports like soccer, football, rugby, and many others. 

To make your training easy and effective, you can use some of the workout equipment which enables one to perfect their agility training. The most used agility training device is the agility ladder

Things To Look Out For When Buying The Best Agility Ladder

There are a lot of agility brands on the market and as the user, there are critical details that you need to consider when buying them. The following are some essential things to watch out for when choosing your agility ladder. 

The length: Do you need the ladder for training as a team or as a sole individual? This is the first thing that you need to remember when buying the ladder. 

They come in different sizes whereby some are extra -long while others feature a reasonable length for easy training. 

So, if you need a ladder that can be used by a whole team of up to 6 people, then consider getting a long ladder for comfortable movement when training. Also, note that some ladders are designed with adjustable rungs. 

Look at the number of the rungs on the ladder: The agility training usually requires the players to run through the holes also referred to as rungs that are equipped on the ladder at a given speed. 

Therefore, when buying the ladder, it is advisable that you check the number of rungs available to ensure that they will provide excellent training results. 

Considering that the ladder will test how fast you can move on the rungs, it is good to consider getting a ladder that has multiple rungs. 

Check out the sizes of the rungs: The trainee’s experience mainly influences the choice of the agility ladder based on the size of the rungs. 

If it is your first time to work with the ladder, it is okay to buy a ladder that has wide rungs. This gives you time to get used to the ladder as you also gain agility. 

Ones you get used to the ladder and get the stamina to move at a fast rate without missing the available rungs, then you can consider getting a more challenging rung. Probably that has minimally spaced levels. 

Find out if the ladder is durable: Majority of agility ladders fail to last for long due to the constant stepping by the trainees. You may either trip and hit the rug or even step on the material used for joining the rung. 

Thus, ensure that the elements used for making these parts are entirely durable. The two crucial material used for forming the agility ladders is plastic and nylon materials. Whichever material you settle on, ensure that it cannot easily break or tear in case you trip or step on it. 

Consider the area you will be practicing with the ladder: Not everyone is a fan of working out on the indoor areas as some opt to practice their agility power on the outdoors. 

Therefore, for those who choose for the ladder that they can use in the outdoor area, make sure that it consists of durable and study material that can withstand the harsh weather changes like the rain and extreme sunlight. 

But, it is advisable that you buy a ladder that can be used on both the indoor and outdoor since such a ladder cannot limit your flexibility when training. 

Having talked about the things to look out for when buying the agility ladders, the following are top five best agility ladders in 2019. 

SKLZ Agility Ladders

SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder, Elevation Ladder
  • Switch between a flat ladder and 4" hurdles in seconds
  • 7 ft, 6-rung long ladder
  • Each ladder rung measures 26" wide and 15" long
  • Folds down quickly for convenient storage
  • Made of durable lightweight PVC plastic for portability

The SKL agility ladder is designed for all sports people and athletes who want to up their game in footwork performances. The flat design of the ladder allows one to move on a speed rate without worrying about tripping. 

Improves agility and acceleration: The ladder is designed to improve your foot movements when performing different sports. So it improves your performance by training you how to move fast with explosive power to complete your tasks. 

Heavy-duty plastic rungs: You don't have to worry about the ladder getting damaged in case you regularly step or trip on it as it is made with durable materials. 

The heavy-duty plastic materials used in making the rungs ensure that the ladder stands firm even when you step on it to last you for a long time. This feature also makes it ideal for use on the outdoors. 

17 inches long rungs: Even if you are a beginner or an experienced agility practitioner, this ladder will be just fine for you as it is equipped with long rungs that allow your movements to be comfortable. 

15 inch long:The length of the ladder measures around 15 inches long which makes it suitable for a beginner or any other person ’s workout. 

Excellent balance and stability: The SKLZ ladder lies flat on the ground which in return enables you to practice on how to change different directions, and movement to attain better balance and power in the field. 


  • It is durable.
  • It can be collapsed for easy storage and carrying out when practicing in different areas.
  • The ladder is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Works magic in improving one's speed and stability.
  • It is suitable for both sports and athletes’ people.


  • Some customers have complained about the ladder being relatively pricey, yet it is only suitable for a single training.
  • Some trainees have complained about the rungs being too short. 

Agility Ladder Bundle By Trained 6 Sports Cones

AGILITY LADDER Bundle By Trained 6 Sports Cones , Free Speed Chute, Agility Drills eBook and Carry Case
  • IMPROVE YOUR SPEED, SKILL & EXPLOSIVENESS FOR ALL SPORTS: Trained Sports Agility Ladders are the leading tool for Adults and kids who want to get in shape or dominate in competitive sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, football, track and field, tennis, rugby or any sport demanding quickness, acceleration and alertness.Great also for Christmas gift bags
  • OUR TRAINING LADDER IS PERFECT FOR REACHING YOUR TARGET WEIGHT-LOSS GOALS: Add variation to your workouts with a dynamic exercise plan using our training ladder. Increase your acceleration from a start point using our resistance parachute & agility cones. These agility tools will help with safe weight loss while improving your fitness, coordination & cardiovascular health.
  • TRAIN INDOORS & OUTDOORS WITH OUR ALL PURPOSE SPEED LADDER: Freely Adjustable Training Lengths for Different Skill Sets And Exercises, Great For girls, boys, mom and dad presents too, Beginner Or Pro
  • TRAIN YOURSELF WITH OUR COMPREHENSIVE AGILITY TRAINING eBOOKS: Backed by a lifetime guarantee, when you invest in our agility ladder speed training equipment it comes with a completely illustrated color eBook (delivered by email) showing you numerous drills for agility for all skill types.
  • BECOME STRONGER AS YOU AGE: Great for the elderly women and men, helps strengthen bones, joints while improving flexibility and balance to avoid injuries from falls that can happen as you age. It laser focuses both coordination, balance and brain control as you improve your motor skills with every drill.

This is an outstanding agility ladder that can be used by a single person or even a team. The pack also comes with other accessories that will guide you on how to utilize the ladder for better results. These accessories include an eBook, training cones, and other training devices. 

Adjustable: As said earlier, this ladder can be used by either a single trainee or a group of trainees as it is adjustable. The length of the ladder can be adjusted to different lengths to create comfortable working out spaces. 

Flat plastic rungs: The ladder is designed for use on any surface without worrying about the rungs blocking your movements. This is because they lie flat on the ground to prevent you from hitting them or rolling your ankles over. 

Portable: This ladder is easy to carry around due to various factors. One, it can be compressed to a smaller size, and it also comes with a carrying bag. 

Versatile and durable:The versatility and durability of the ladder allow you to use it from anywhere. It can withstand extreme weather conditions like the rain and UV hence making it ideal for use when training on the outdoor areas. 


  • The ladder is adjustable for easy use by different people and different training levels.
  • The rungs lie flat to prevent injuries.
  • Carrying it to different training sections is easy.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is easy to pack and unpack in the case where you want to work out.


  • It is also a little bit more expensive than other brands.
  • The ladder is not packed with a setup manual, and some people may experience difficulties when setting it up. 

Workout Ladder Ideal Training Agility Ladder

Endurance Pro Footwork Ladder with Ladder Drills eBook Bag Pegs-Ideal Agility Ladder Speed and Agility Training Equipment for Football, Soccer, Multi-Sport Training
  • BEST QUALITY AGILITY LADDER - Unlike others our agility ladder doesn't contain cheap materials or flimsy rungs. It is durable and is easily secured.15 foot 11 rung all sports agility training equipment IDEAL GIFT for your friends, wife, husband, dad, mom, sisters, brothers and more.
  • FEEL PROUD AND LIFT SELF CONFIDENCE – Avoid lack of motivation with multiple exercises within the Free footwork ladder drills eBook - perfect for the club, family or individual for basketball, soccer, football, baseball, tennis and fitness training
  • SEE THE AMAZING DIFFERENCE – As a parent, coach, athlete or fitness trainer play a part in something bigger and make an important difference to your kids, team or clients with increasing acceleration, leg strength, speed, balance and body control
  • PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE - Promote higher performance because everyone loves to perform their best. Lift their self-esteem and your pride while at the same time making it fun. Your smile and their smile is worth it!
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE ORDER NOW – the ideal football training equipment and more for speed training football drills, soccer drills and more – Love our speed ladder for 1 YEAR or let us know and receive all your money back, the ideal teenager or coach gift

If you are looking for an agility ladder that will improve your balance and endurance on the soccer arena, then get this ladder. It is aimed at improving one's functionality on the field. But note that athletes can also use the ladder as it also helps strengthen their power and feet performance. 

Strong and durable: Most customers who have trained with this ladder can attest to the fact that it is quite durable. It has strong and durable rungs which do not easily tear in case a person trips or steps on them. 

The eBook drill: If you have never worked out with an agility ladder before or you have run out of workout ideas to do with the ladder, the workout ideal training ladder will inspire you by providing you with a variety of workout ideas.

The package comes with an eBook which consists of different drill ideas that you can incorporate when working out with this ladder. 

The ladder lies flat on the ground thus allowing you to comfortably workout without tripping. This in return enables you to work on your balance, acceleration and the speed as well.

15 ft long:The ladder is perfect for creating resistance for an individual training since it designed in a 15 ft long and contains 11 rungs that are adjustable for efficient running. 


  • It is comfortable to practice with as it lies flat on the ground.
  • It improves one's acceleration, speed and balance.
  • The materials used for making this ladder are durable and robust.
  • It comes with an eBook for motivational tips..
  • It comes with one-year warranty.
  • The ladder is adjustable to different lengths.


  • The ladder does not come with hooks or any devices for adhering it to the ground. 

Ohuhu Agility Ladder

Ohuhu Agility Ladder with Black Carry Case, 12-Rung Blue
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Crafted with high-quality PP material designed to last for years of use and training
  • ADJUSTABLE 15" RUNG DISTANCE: Built with a rung distance of 15", overall length reach 19 feet.The individual rungs can be moved and changed for preferential needs
  • EASY SET-UP: Simply unravel the straps and rungs to set up on surfaces for use
  • BONUS CARRYING BAG: Equipped with a bonus bag for ease of carrying, portability and on-the-go training
  • CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT: Ideal tool for all athletes and trainers to improve foot speed, movement control, lateral response, coordination, overall balance and general fitness

This ladder is suitable for people training on football as it helps them to improve on stability and speed when dribbling the ball in the field. It is equipped with a total of 8 rungs which are adjustable to different widths for efficient training results. 

Adjustable: Whether it's your first time or you have used an agility ladder before, Ohuhu is designed to fit the experience of all the trainees. It is adjustable both length and width wise to accommodate your training needs. 

Easy to set up: It takes a few minutes to get this ladder on the ground since all one is required to do is unravel the straps together with the rungs for set up purposes. 

Excellent materials: This ladder is made to serve you for many seasons to come since it cannot quickly get damaged. The material used for forming the ladder is polypropylene which is quite durable for use even on the outdoor areas. It also does not get damaged easily in case you accidentally step on it. 

Easy to carry: The ladder can easily be compressed to a smaller size for easy carrying. It also comes with a bag which you can use for both storing and carrying the ladder. 

Versatile: The ladder is meant to improve your stability in the field, improve on your balance, and it can also be used for fitness purposes. 


  • The ladder guarantees you durability.
  • It is adjustable to fit one's needs.
  • It comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation.
  • Setting up the ladder takes less than ten minutes. 


  • The ladder does not come with devices to secure it on the ground.
  • Some customers have complained about the lungs being a bit hard to adjust. 

Popup Super Flat 10 Rungs Agility Ladder

Pepup Sports Super Flat 8 Rungs Adjustable Speed Agility Ladder with Free Carry Bag, 11'
  • 11 FT MTR ADJUSTABLE HIGH QUALITY LADDER: Made of 8 adjustable ladder rungs of premium quality impact co-polymer plastic. The strip can be easily bent to 180 degrees without any breakage.
  • PROVISION TO EXTEND THE LENGTH: Both ends of the ladder come with buckle clip connecters for connecting 2 ladders to increase the length. The rivets are rust-proof to sustain all weather conditions.
  • EASY TO SETUP, CARRY WITH FREE CARRY BAG & BANDS: Spreads out quickly and stays put on floor while working out. Folds up easily secured by elastic bands provided. Can be stored in the waterproof bag.
  • DYNAMIC SPEED AND AGILITY WORKOUT: Perfect for enhancing speed, coordination, functional core strength , dynamic flexibility and body awareness. Easy to adapt to sport specific footwork movements.
  • GREAT FOR ALL FIELD SPORTS: Can be used for coordination training of all sports like Soccer , Basketball , Football , Track and Field, Baseball , Lacrosse, Field Hockey etc

You can comfortably carry this ladder to wherever you want to work out from as it is light in weight and it can be compressed to fit in a carrying bag.

It gives excellent results in creating strength, improving stability and speed to athletes and other sports people. You can also use the agility ladder as a workout device at home since it gives excellent results in burning calories. 

Adjustable: The ladder has a total of 13 rungs which can be adjusted to different sizes for optimum workout results. 

Durable materials: The ladder is made of strong and durable materials to allow you to use it for a long time. The strip joining the rungs can be bent up to 180 degrees without breaking it. 

Easy setup: The setup process is quite easy and does not require a technical or a pro to get the ladder ready for use. All you need is to unveil the rungs and the string. 

Versatile in performance: The ladder is suitable for all people involved in activities that require excellent stability and speed in the field. Thus, whether you are a soccer player, a runner or a basketball player, this great ladder works magic in improving your performance. 


  • The ladder is durable.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Comes with a carrying bag.
  • It lies flat to allow free movements.
  • The ladder can be used on the indoors and outdoors. 


  • It does not come with screws for supporting it on the ground. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a workout device that will enable you to improve on your speed and stability in sports and other athlete games, then consider the above-discussed agility ladders. 

They are made with excellent features that make it easy to work with them and they also give excellent results concerning your performance. 

When buying the agility ladder, make sure that it has all the features that you need to improve your overall speed and balance performance. 

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