Aerobic simply means “with oxygen”. Therefore, an aerobic training is a low intensity exercise which is performed for extended period of time with oxygen being used in muscles’ energy generating process. That is, oxygen is used to burn glucose and fats thereby producing adenosine triphosphate which is the basic energy carrier. This usually maintains and increases heart rate. During this process, glycogen is broken down to produce glucose however, in the absence of glycogen, fats metabolism begins.

Examples of Aerobic Activities

They are activities which involve the use of a large muscle groups. Such activities include: biking, swimming, jogging, walking etc. With these activities, you do not need to grasp air while talking otherwise, the activity will be considered anaerobic (high intensity workouts) such as playing basketball or soccer.

Key goals of Aerobic Training Program

This kind of training is mainly geared to meet the following key factors:

• The body should utilize a larger number of muscle groups for a relatively longer period of time.

• The training should be performed for at least 30 to 60 minutes for period between three and five days every week.

• It should meet all the cardiovascular objectives recommended either by an exercise physiologist or doctor.

• You should always enjoy the kind of training you opt for.

Benefits of Aerobic Training

These benefits of this kind of training can be categorized into:

• Fitness benefits are: increased resistance to fatigue, increased lean body mass, increased general stamina, toned muscles and increased efficiency in oxygen consumption.

• The health benefits include: ability to control body fats; reduced tension and thus aids in having better sleep; improved mood; reduced anxiety and depression; reduced cardiovascular diseases risk; lower chances of developing colon cancer; minimal chances of suffering from osteoporosis by increasing bone density; reduces the risk of having diabetes etc.

To achieve all these, one must have a good working out program and more importantly adhere to the training schedule.

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