If you’re the type of person that likes to get more than you pay for when buying products through added quality accessories in the box, this is the best buy when it comes to firm ground soccer cleats.

Here is a detailed review of what you can expect when you buy the predator 19+ Firm Ground Cleats cloud white / bold blue colorway cleats.


  • Sock-like forefoot design without laces

  • Combination of Primeknit, and controlskin

  • Sturdy outsole with a heel like studs at the backend

  • Bright blue and white color

Eyes on

They come in the legendary all-black Adidas branded draw box with handle. Out of the box, it comes with a really cool mesh string bag with predator and Adidas branding.

At first glance, your eyes will be met with the all-glorious deep color of the predator 19+ firm ground cloud white bold blue colorway.

At first glance, your eyes will be met with the all-glorious deep color of the predator 19+ firm ground cloud white bold blue colorway.

The blue color is defiantly loud but gives the impression of a very sleek and modernized aesthetic. The blue and white color combination is a true masterpiece even to people that like more toned-down colorways.

It has white Adidas stripes on the side with a more thin and slim appearance and feels.

Hands On

The next thing that stands out at first glance is its 3d printed design on the upper which gives the cleats a textured feel. The built material feels very smooth to touch. Out of the box, it also comes with a black shoe horn that is also Adidas branded.

At the forefoot, you find a rubberized reinforced outer heel that is very compact and a supports the sturdy structure. It has an extended collar which is flexible and has an elastic feel thereby allowing easy stretch without breaking its factory design form.

Built Material

The built material defiantly looks and feels very premium built with a modernized touch. The extended collar is made of a synthetic prime knit material which feels really soft. The midfoot section is made up of much stiffer polyurethane material.

Comfort Levels

The whole shoe feels very padded and very comfortable. The prime knit extended collar provides ankle support with a very anatomical fitting. The elastic laceless upper wraps around the upper foot very comfy and provides good lock-down which boots comfort level.

The cleats give a more sock-like sensation on the player due to its lightweight padded upper material. The soft upper become softer the more you use it. The toe box section of the inner part of the soleplate is padded so your get double padding for a more cushioning effect.

Innersole and Outer Sole

It comes with a double set of insoles with a smooth synthetic top lining that is completely removable and an extra set of boost innersole already in the boots. The sole plate is very stiff and extends to a heel counter at the lower back.

The sole plate is made of a thick plastic material but has very good flexibility and feels really robust with a lightweight control frame plus an incorporated stiffener bar that runs in the middle. The studs have a conical shape with metallic finishing.


The ridged design on the toe box provides extra ball control. The overall built of the predator 19+ firm ground cleats adapts to feet movement and thereby very high responsiveness of the boots.

The studs give traction but are not meant for speed. It has integrated control skin to maximize on ball handling and avoid slippage.

Customer Opinion

The PREDATOR 19+ FIRM GROUND CLEATS CLOUD WHITE and BOLD BLUE colorway, reminded most soccer fans about the David Beckham predators that came out in 2006 world cup although it was mostly leather the bright blue, red and silver combination was really popping and a favorite for many, the predator 19+ firm ground boots have the same effect on both players and fans.

This has caused for most customers to have contradicting options about the boots, majority wishing that the boot could be built on all leather instead of the Primeknit material.

The studs seemed also to be a letdown to predator cleats enthusiasts simply because most of them anticipated the studs to have a bladed design, not a conical design although the present design works great.

Most players although were very impressed with the overall aesthetics of the cloud white/ bold white colorway.


  • The cloud white / bold blue looks very bright and modernized

  • The cleats are easy to wear and remove

  • Very comfortable feel and does not require break-in time

  • Comes with added accessories

  • Cool shoe box that can be used as its extra storage


  • Since they are laceless the lockdown capacity is limited

  • No leather material

  • The soleplate is very thick with a very lightweight upper which eliminates the ordinary on feet sensation of most cleats

  • It almost identical to the previous predator 18+ with minor cosmetic changes

  • It is expensive

Predator 19+ cloud white/ bold blue colorway comparison with the predator 18+ version

The predator 19+ white/ bold blue colorway does not have much difference compared to the previous version that is the 18+. The only difference with the 19+ white / bold blue colors is that it has rubber enforcement at the heel.

Compared to the 18+ version the predator 19+ cloud white/bold blue colorway is a bit on the heavier side in terms of boot weight but the added weight does not affect the performance at the pitch.


The predator 19+ cloud white/bold blue besides being a very sleek colorway it does not feature major upgrade from the previous predator 18+.

Considering its price and the added features the predator 19+ cloud white/bold blue is not worth the extra cash and for someone that is looking to upgraded is better off going with the cheaper predator 18+.

Final Thoughts

The predator 19+ firm ground cloud white/bold blue colorway are great cleats for any player in terms of both looks and performance but the design makes it perfect for midfield play as it is great for long range shooting and crossing however it is easy to expect it to have a wide fitting but the opposite is truer.

The predator 19+ firm ground cloud white/bold blue colorway is the best choice for players with narrow feet if you have wide feet, they might fit you great because they are laceless boots but you stand the risk of it being too tight.

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