The Adidas Nemeziz 19+ firm ground cleats are the latest addition to the Nemeziz line and the first to feature major redesign and upgrades. It was released on May 7th, 2019 after being in the making for 2 years.

The Adidas Nemziz 19+ firm ground cleats have drawn a lot of attention from fans one of the major reasons being that they are the exact version of the cleats line and colorway to be worn by Lionel Messi.


  • Split chromium plate

  • Raised collar

  • Laceless upper design

  • Stylish Look

Out of the Box

The cleats come in the legendary black Adidas branded draw style box. Out of the box, it comes with a string bag with Adidas and Nemeziz branding on either side. A shoehorn is also included in the box just to make wearing the boot much easier.

Eyes on and first impression

The Nemeziz 19 + firm ground cleats especially in its shouting red metallic colorway really stand out in terms of visual compared to most soccer boots at first glance your eyes will be met with the all magnificent dazzling color of the Nemeziz 19 + firm ground cleats red/ silver metallic colorway.

However, in most pictures it can be deceptive as it appears to have shades of orange which is not the case hands on. The shiny chrome sole plate gives the whole design a sleek and classy appearance.

The Design

The Nemesis 19+ firm ground cleat is very much unlike most of its predecessors and as brought a new theme in terms of cleats built material. The cleats are made entirely of a new material termed as tension tape. It has got a faint stripe pattern that is dominant for the most part of the entire shoe.

On either side towards the heal area is silver metallic branding. These cleats have an overall slim design. The whole design of the Adidas Nemiziz line is inspired by martial arts footwear and how they wrap around the foot providing tight fitting while still remaining responsive to foot movement plus the added benefit of being lightweight.

The collar is slightly raised with a stretch upper part that has incorporated black detailing on the elastic material in the inner side. The tension tape on the forefoot and the side section is covered by a thin layer of silicon to give the tension tape more protection and increase the durability of the boots.

Built material

In general, the built tapelike elastic material feels very well made, although it is very thin and lightweight it doesn’t seem like a cheap and fragile material. The tension tape feels slightly stiffer around the lower midfoot area but still provides efficient breathability of the feet.


The laceless Nemeziz 19 + firm ground red/ silver metallic colorway really wraps around the feet and provide a really tight fitting due to the tension tape on the upper shoe.

However in certain foot movements for instance, as the feet fold when running, the tension tapes lose their tension, which reduces the lockdown and as a result can affect player performance at the pitch.


The design is made for agility; the lightweight tension tape gives the player a barefoot feeling for maximum ball control. The elastic nature of the built material makes the cleats very adaptable to the foot movement and it is easier to change direction more speedily.

Comfort level

Internally especially in the heel section, it is made out of synthetic swage material that really feels soft and boots comfort levels. The overlapping tension tape on the upper is not very tight compared to its previous generations in the Nemeziz line. These facts, however, have a counter effect on the lockdown.

Although the Nemeziz 19 + firm ground cleats render a stiff sensation when running, the sole plate can still bend easily with foot movement and is not uncomfortable at all.

Inner sole and outer sole

The insole still features the synthetic lining material on top; however, it has been redesigned to include perforations on the forefoot area and on the heel, which is an awesome feature to maintain foot breathability. The insole really feels padded and has got Nemeziz branding on top of the heel section.

The Insole also features a single layer of black foam with Adidas branding on the lower side. The outer sole features a cool looking metallic plating with thick plastic underneath. The outer sole has been redesigned to feature a split sole construction labeled as the torsion system.

The Adidas Nameziz 19 + firm ground cleats have been redesigned to feature the stiffest sole plate in the entire Nameziz line. The built structure of the sole plate feels really solid. Compared to its predecessors the stud pattern has also been redesigned to feature conical studs for maximum traction.

The downside

The Nemeziz 19 + firm ground soccer boots have a really small opening and slim design which makes it hard to wear if you have wide feet.

The lockdown is not that good since the tension tape seems to lose tension when you fold your feet. The chrome finish although it gives the cleats a sleek design it defiantly will wear out with time.


The Nemeziz 19 + firm ground soccer is really stylish boots that are most likely going to raise eyebrows at the pitch. The over roll finish is really lightweight but not what you could consider as ultralight.

The entire boots look and feel like it was built more for looks rather than performance. All in all, it is a really awesome design with very impressive ingenuity.


The performance on the Nemeziz 19 + firm ground soccer boots is not that bad but it will suit more players that are after form more than performance simply because the lockdown is not that good.

Although the opening is elastic, it is not the best option to go with if you have wide feet also considering its slim design.

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