The Adidas black pack collection brings the classic black-out series to the #ThereWillBeHaters campaign. Today we take a look at the Adidas Adidas 11Pro Black Pack  which is one of the shoes in the black pack collection.

The 11Pro has be given a new look and characteristics that will bring out the haters. Right out the box the 11Pro black pack looks like a collectable. The shoe is fully black with a synthetic upper and there is no stripe going across in the middle, nor is there any stripe on the heel unlike the stripes and leather upper on the other models available on the market right now.

The heel and forefoot have designs on them that are inspired by the unique armor designs worn by the Ottoman Janissaries. This design looks perfect on the shoe and really makes them stands out on the field.

The 3 Adidas stripe on both side have a shiny finish to them that makes them stand out from the rest of the shoes. The tongue also has a very shiny cross-stitched design that is meant to resemble medieval times. It has a traditional lacing system, and the laces are also black.


Although the Adidas 11Pro black pack soccer shoe is designed to have a traditional style, it also incorporates latest technologies aimed at improving comfort and traction. To help make the shoe more comfortable, the inside features a suede lining to give even more comfort with a soft insole.

The tongue and the forefront of the shoes feature a memory foam pads inside that offer a very personalized feel to your boots. This will allow your foot to really fit perfectly into the shoe every time you play.

The designs on the forefoot do not get in the way of your playing, and even though the shoe is not leather it still offer superior touch when playing and it allows your foot to feel close to the ball. However, the studs on the soleplate are relatively short compared to other firm ground cleats by Adidas.

The outsole features a comfort frame which distributes pressure across the shoe, and the new smaller studs provide perfect ground penetration. The shoe has a cushioned heel counters and memory foam that extends into the tongue. This comfort feel means players can fasten the laces as tight as they desire without worrying about hard pressing leather.


The Adidas 11Pro black pack is the most affordable among the Black Pack collection and has all the incredible durability and ergonomics features needed. It has a price tag of $194.99. Personally, I really love the design because it is simple and beautiful.

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