Even as FIFA tries its best to fight corruption and fraud in the world of football, some officials especially FIFA members continue to embrace the act. However, most perpetrators goes unpunished as anti-corruption units fail to do their duty significantly.

In Cayman Islands, Canover Watson a member of FIFA financial monitoring panel has found himself in the spotlight after being charged with fraud issues. The investigations were carried out by a criminal investigation body in his home land, Cayman Islands who revealed that the intellect had a case to answer.

In 2010, Watson is believed to have been in a deal with local hospitals to supply them with swipe card billing system, but the contract was connected with some kind of money Laundering, breach of trust and fraud that attracted the interest of investigations.

Watson had previously been suspended temporary in September from the 8 man audit and compliance committee as he awaited results from the case. Canover is the former chair person of a health board in British Caribbean Territory and he had issued a statement earlier in August denying the charges as he was being questioned by the investigators.

Calls to his home on Thursday went unanswered, but he will be expected in court on Tuesday to answer some questions relating to the case.

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