Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard led his team to west Bromwich Albion where he made his 500th appearance in the premier league playing for the club.

Gerrard makes history as the 12th player to hit the 500th mark while playing for the same team. However, the 34 year old star will leave Anfield in the coming summer to join MLS club LA Galaxy.

His former colleague carragher Jamie had 508 appearances while Ryan Gigs made 632 appearances for Manchester United. His 500th appearance did not make any impact since they were held at a scoreless draw by their host, West Bromwich Albion.

The visitors had a number of chances, more so in the second half with Henderson getting several opportunities, but the defense of the opposing team was quite tight for them.

The first half was quite tuff for both teams trying to create chances but all in vain. Mario Balotelli had minimal chances in Liverpool’s attack than usual. Both teams got a point in the match, but Liverpool had their chances of returning to champion’s league dimmed.

Their slim hopes of finishing among the top four in the premier league were also dimmed by their challenging host who denied them a score.

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