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He could easily be the signing of the decade in the EPL despite being 34 years old, and the new Red Devils in town is about to lit the league up. To confirm the long awaited and anticipated news, the former PSG striker announced on his instagram page,

Time to let the world know. My next destination is @manchesterunited

Medicals and probably an official unveiling should happen next week and here are 5 reasons Manchester United have hit the jackpot with his signature.


No number has been given yet, but it’s very likely Zlatan picks up 9, and that Jersey will definitely sell more than any other Jersey this summer and for the opening months of the season. United are set to recoup the wages they will be paying for the next one year even before it all begins. His unveiling will definitely be record breaking in terms of attendance. All of Manchester will be present, including rival fans. A god of football is about to land in the city, everyone is obliged to come pay homage. The level of commercial success the club is about to record is next to nothing in their history.


The fact that he scored over 40 league goals at PSG last season doesn’t guarantee he would do so in the EPL given the level of its competitiveness, but he will sure rake in at least 30. Zlatan is known to always put the small teams to the sword, and it’s trouble for the West Broms, Sunderlands and Bournemouths. Having to work with Jose is another plus as their reunion will forge success on the pitch given their understanding of each other. He always to impress Mourinho and that’s enough motivation to get all the goals possible. 50 in 51 games last season might not be his peak, but even 30 will be enough to do the job in the league. The last time a United striker got such number of goals, they won the league. Enough said.


That particularly is lacking at Old Trafford at the moment, but the legend is coming with lots of it. His ego and confidence aside, Ibrahimovic is a born leader and its exactly what the likes of Rashford, Lingard, Borthwick-Jackson and even Martial needs. On and off the pitch, he’s bound to guide his fellow players and rally them to victory. Where Wayne Rooney, Micheal Carrick and Bastian Schweinsteiger have failed, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will surely succeed.


Just the joy of coming to watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be enough to see fans troop in in their numbers whenever United play at home or away. Even opposition clubs are set to benefit from this deal. The Red Devils faithfuls have bemoaned the lack of entertaining football since Sir Ferguson departed, now they are going to get it back with Zlatan’s goals and skills on the ball.


The glory days are back and the chants will increase now. Zlatan has only failed to win a league title twice, United won’t be the 3rd.

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