The goal post’s custodians have long been underrated and underappreciated in the round leather game. But without them, a team won’t be what it is. The better the quality of your goalie, the more chances you’ve of winning a game, and that fact will come to fore at the Euros as every team will need their shot stoppers to provide excellent cover for them. There will be penalty kicks once the knockout stages begin, and those are moments when these players are appreciated the most. In France, the most populous and even unknown names that wear the big glooves and have successfully guided their teams to the tournament have all showed up, and one of them will be handed the Golden Glove at the end of it all. Given their current forms, it will most likely be one of these 5 players.


At 38, the Italian goalkeeping maestro continues to dazzle in between the sticks. The European glory at both club and country level might have continually exuded him, but that hasn’t taken anything away from his greatness. The experienced Italian team sure has what it takes to steal the Euros away, and Sir Gianluigi will be there to do his best as the Azzurris hunt for glory at their backyard.


Manuel could easily pass for a defender on a good day. The sweeper of a goalie combines brilliant footwork with extraordinary saving abilities. The Bayern Munich man is arguably the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment, and has guided the German Machines to 1 World Cup semifinals, 1 Euros semifinals, and 1 World Cup victory. Expect nothing less from him this time around.


Will “home advantage” work in favour of the Les Bleus’ skipper? He was excellent for his North London club as they emerged constant threats to Leicester City’s title ambitions last season, and his great form will also be needed at home at the moment. France should get as far as the semis, and Lloris should have kept at least 3 or 4 clean sheets by then. His reflexes and positioning are attributes that confirm his top quality. It won’t surprise many if he is lifting both the Euros cup and the Golden Glove come July 10.


Hart can keep hearts save from heartbreaks via his splendid abilities in goal. Three Lions ready need to make a statement in France, and so does Hart. The Manchester City goalie has his seemingly-secured position under threat at the the Etihad, with the incoming Guardiola eyeing a replacement and competition in Barcelona’s Ter Stegen. In a group with Wales and Russia, Joe will be tested every now and then during these games, and if he can come out unscathed, he sure can hold his goal down against any other sides that come their way in the next rounds.


Chelsea might have had their worst season ever last term, and the Belgium international might have been at fault for a few goals, but his quality can never be disputed. His country are currently rated number 2 in the world, and with just 2 losses in over 15 games, they are contenders for the European cup. And Thibaut has a big role to play in making that a reality. He definitely has the capabilities, and can sure help keep it tight at the back when they face Italy and Sweden in the group games. Clean sheets in those games, and he sure will go all the way.

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