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Roy Hodgson retired minutes after England’s unceremonious exit from the Euros at the hands of Iceland. With the 4-year stint of the 68-year-old having come to an end, here are 5 coaches who could emerge as the next choice by the F.A for one of the top jobs in football.


The veteran coach has emerged once again as the F.A’s option for the gig, and they’re ready to wait till his current (and hopefully last) contract with Arsenal ends next year. Wenger has been approached in the past for the role, but his Arsenal commitments made it impossible. The French tactician breathes English football after 2 decades with the North Emirates outfit and he remains atop the list. But his latest EPL drought (a decade plus) would be an issue the fans will be very worried about, and if Wenger will like to take up the appointment remains unknown. In terms of experience, and pedigree, no one comes close.


The former QPR chief was said to be fans’ favorite to land the job back in 2012 after Capello’s exit. With also a long-term managerial experience, the 68-year-old who is currently out of job is definitely a great option, but being a controversial figure could make the F.A think twice. His time at Tottenham was the beginning of the new project Maurice Pochettino has been able to build on and he looks like an exciting prospect.


The erstwhile Everton coach is one option that could also be considered. It is understood that the F.A were already preparing for Hodgson’s replacement if he failed to get as far as the semis, with the 42-year-old Spaniard lined up before the club’s disastrous end to last season. A couple of senior Three Lions players are aware of this and it is believed there is no objection to having a foreigner around. Martinez is currently vacant, and with the World Cup qualifiers starting in 2 months’ time, the F.A might want to speed up the whole recruitment process and appoint him.


The current under-21 coach was always going to be an option, but it’s believed only as a temporary one. Southgate might be named interim manager whilst the search for a long-term one continues. The former Middlesbrough manager recently led the youth side to success at the Toulon tournament weeks ago and has an excellent working relationship with the F.A. If they will decide to trust him to take charge permanently is also possible given his ability to develop a young team and continue with that plan of having talented youth players emerge as senior team members. Being an Englishman might also be a yardstick to be considered, and Gareth will definitely be a frontrunner if that’s the case eventually.


Another English who could be considered is the Crystal Palace boss. The former Newcastle handler was 3 minutes away from winning the F.A Cup last season and made the side finish in 15th place after initial relegation jitters. Although he’s capable of losing his mind as he has had some fits, but his passion for the game can’t be denied. Given other factors, it’s a long shot for the F.A to appoint him. However, he’s the most qualified native for the job by all standards.

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