The 4-3-3 formation in soccer is becoming a very popular choice today. It was used by successful teams in 2012 and is now becoming one of the popular go-to formations of soccer for its strong attacking ability. The 4-3-3 formation consists of three forwards, three midfielders, and four defenders. As you can see, three forwards high on the field is an offensive advantage. This formation is excellent for teams who are confident with their attackers who are hungry for goals.

The three forwards consist of the center forward and two wide attackers. The main responsibility of the center striker is to finish the job done by his teammates on the field. He must take shots when opportunities are created for him. The wide attackers are the ones who set up the center forward’s scoring chances. They must be quick and creative, since they are the ones creating the plays. They should be fantastic dribblers who are able to dribble their way through full backs, crossing the ball to the center forward.

The three midfielders in the the 4-3-3 formation have to be the fittest players on the field. They have to act as both offense and defense. Their work is tough since the middle part of the field is usually where most of the action takes place and there’s only three of them. However, full backs can help them when the opposing team puts too much pressure on them.

The four defenders consist of two full backs, a sweeper and a stopper. The stopper is situated right behind the midfielders and he is the first line of defense. The full backs are located on each side, and the sweeper–the last defender, is the last line of defense. Full backs must tackle the ball from wingers of the other team and clear the ball to the air towards the waiting three forwards. The sweeper is situated in the middle of the defense, just in front of the goalie and ten yards behind the stopper.

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